Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine

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Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine
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Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine Janome CM7P Continental Sewing & Quilting Machine

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The Continental M7 Professional is the next generation sewing machine with 343mm (13.5″) of workarea. It is packed with features for you to enjoy your sewing experience. There is a large 7″ LCD colour touch screen with a clock, 400 built-in stitches, including 13 buttonholes and 4 alpha numeric fonts including 9mm lettering and numbers. You can customise each stitch including buttonholes plus save as a favourite stitch. Sewing Applications gives you a large variety of pre-set stitch functions, including a quilting menu plus sewing feet menu. Quilters and designers will appreciate the automatic needle plate change-over, AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, automatic Presser Foot Lift, Electronic Automatic Tension Control, independant bobbin winder plus a NEW Janome AcuSpark App with videos, instructions and tips. The CM7P offers you extensive lighting with 9 bright white LED lights over 4 locations to aluminate the work space. Personalize your sewing projects by creating your own stitches using the Stitch Composer Software supplied with the machine, plus with the screen saver tool add your own photos to the machine screen.

Janome’s Continental M7 was a winner of iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 and Red Dot Design Award 2020, both world-renowned design prizes.


  • 400 built-in stitches up to 9mm wide, including hand stitch style and 5 alphabets

  • 12 Sensor automatic 1 step buttonholes

  • Superior needle threader

  • Stitch tapering function

  • Rulerwork mode

  • Auto-power off time

  • Full intensity lighting system with 9 brighter white LED lamps in 4 location

  • Automatic extra high presser foot lift

  • Top loading easy set, full rotary hook bobbin system

  • Sewing applications on-screen support

  • 452mm (17.81”) All metal seamless flatbed

  • 343mm (13.5”) to the right of the needle, from centre needle position

  • Quilt Block Advisor for auto calculation of quilt patterns

  • AcuSpark tutorial app

  • Auto tension system

  • Snap-on presser feet

  • Memorised needle up/down

  • Stress free automatic one-touch needle plate conversion with 3 included plates

  • AcuFeed™ Flex Plus Layered Fabric Feeding System

  • Direct touch sewing adjustments for AcuFeed Flex Plus

  • SFS-i Intelligent auto drop / raise 7 piece feed dog system

  • Direct select stitch chart

  • USB port

  • Stitch Composer stitch creation software

  • Variable zig zag for free motion quilting

  • Start/stop button

  • Speed control slider

  • Locking stitch button

  • Automatic thread cutter (Scissor button)

  • Twin needle setting

  • Easy reverse button

  • Straight stitch needle plate with left needle position for 1/4” seam foot

  • Professional HP needle plate, HP and HP2 feet

  • Advanced plate markings

  • Easy bobbin winder

  • Adjustable knee lift

  • Optical bobbin monitoring system

  • Auto-declutch bobbin winder

  • Independent bobbin winding motor

  • Full colour H52.4 x W91.4mm (7”) HD touchscreen

  • Vertical delivery dual thread stand

  • Maximum stitch width: 9mm

  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm

  • Maximum sewing speed: 1,300 SPM

  • Buttonhole foot with stabiliser plate for thick fabric

  • Streamlined profile for broader sewing field of vision

  • Extension table with storage drawer included



The seamless, heavy-duty, powder-coated, all metal flatbed offers an uninterrupted, large sewing area with 13.5 inches (343mm) to the right of the needle. With a 5.51 inch (140mm) workspace height and 3.15” of space above the needle plate you’ll complete any sewing project with ease.


The advanced touchscreen shows all of the information you need to sew with ease. Select new stitches and memorise your favourites for quick access. The expanded Sewing applications feature gives you guidance for perfecting a variety of sewing tasks, including those that use optional accessories. With Memorised Quilt Seaming, the machine remembers the length of your seam, so you can cruise through stitching a large number of the same size blocks.


The Janome AcuFeed™ Layered Fabric Feeding System has long been legendary in the sewing and quilting world for its amazing precision and power. Now Janome have taken it to the next level with the AcuFeed™ Flex Plus. The system is still removable but, adding and removing it from the machine has become more advanced - simply touch the AcuFeed icon on your screen to engage or disengage the foot. This ensures that the AcuFeed Flex foot is attached correctly and prevents it from becoming dis-engaged prematurely. AcuFeed™ Flex comes in three useful options. The two-pronged AcuFeed™ feet advance fabric flawlessly from the top and bottom. Use this system for quilting, seaming, and traditional sewing. The special one-pronged AcuFeed™ feet give precise control for more detailed work, like installing zippers and matching seams. The HP2 AcuFeed Flex foot is designed to work with the HP plate, for the highest level of stitch results.



The new bobbin winder plate has five cutting blades. Faster and smoother winding, easy thread cutting, and your bobbin is ready to go!


The new SFS-i, intelligent feeding system is designed to keep the feed dogs down and out of the way so that you can easily position your fabric where you want it to be. As soon as you start sewing, the feed dogs come up and perfectly grab the fabric.


The auto presser foot lift automatically lifts the presser foot after a thread cut – when the thread snip button is pressed, or after a programmed thread cut at the end of a row of decorative stitches. This allows you to keep your hands on your project at all times. It can also be set to raise at the end of any seam, with the needle in the down position for easy pivoting. This great feature simplifies the sewing process so you have less manual steps to save time and increase efficiency.


That’s right – You can create 9mm wide stitches on the Continental M7! The extra width makes all of your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and more distinct. Wider, more distinct stitches allow you to fill more area with stitching, quicker - saving you valuable time while sewing.


Advanced tools give advanced abilities for creative expression. The Continental M7 includes a great tool for creativity: Variable Zig Zag™. This feature enables precision control over the stitch width via the knee lift! Thread painters will rejoice at the ease of control of the stitch width. Begin with a straight stitch, then while the machine is still running, press against the knee lifter to widen your stitch to a 9mm zigzag. Release pressure to gradually return to a straight stitch for a tapered finish. Don’t want a 9mm stitch? You can easily control the maximum width of the stitch setting in the machine’s set mode. This advanced control opens up amazing new possibilities for creative expression with free motion quilting, thread painting, raw edge appliqué, free-motion monogramming, and more.


Using the right tools at the right time is important in sewing. When using lightweight fabrics, or piecing quilts, a straight stitch needle plate makes all the difference. The M7's computerised one-touch plate converter allows you to easily switch and use the perfect plate for your project. Simply push the on-screen button to release the plate and place a new one in place. The M7 will automatically retract the new plate into place using a patented magnetic system. No screwdrivers are necessary! The M7 comes with three standard needle plates: zigzag, straight stitch and HP.


The unique Stitch Composer™ program gives you the ability to create your own stitch patterns from scratch! The program is easy to use, and transferring stitches to your machine is easy using the built-in USB port.


Utilise this narrow gauge industrial type feet for curves and precise topstitching. They provide great ease of control and superior visibility. Sized perfectly for creating 1/4” seams, achieve accurate stitches and perfects starts on any type of fabric.


Need a little inspiration to spark your imagination and get the most out of all of those sewing machine features? AcuSpark is just a scan away! The exclusive Janome app will provide you with tutorials, how-to videos and more by simply using your smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code on the screen. No matter what application you are working on, help is just a scan away.


Create original designs for borders and decorative effects with the Stitch Tapering Function. This distinctive feature allows you to adjust stitches at a 30, 45, 90, and 120 angle to combine and edit built-in stitches. Apply this specialised technique through 41 stitches with the Tapering function.


The Continental M7 features an extra-large foot control for greater stability and surface area when sewing. An optional Thread Cutter Pedal is also available, which allows you to snip your threads with your foot, so you don’t have to remove your hands from your fabric. Both can be mounted on the included plate for easy access.


Customise, resize, combine and save the 400 built-in stitches on the Continental M7. The large LCD touchscreen makes it easy to edit, and you can make combinations up to 100 stitches long. Store the stitches in the built-in memory banks, or on a USB drive right from the machine.


A button is placed into the gauge of a special foot for buttonhole formation. The foot works with a sensor on the machine to create a perfectly-sized buttonhole. This creates quick, easy buttonholes of an accurate size for the button of choice. 12 built-in buttonholes including a 9mm wide style.


The specially designed bobbin case and cover mean there’s no need to pull long thread tails up and through when you first thread the machine. Slip the bobbin thread in the cover plate guide; the built-in cutting blades trim the tail to the correct length for a super-clean start to your stitching line. After the initial threading, the auto-thread cutter takes care of trimming and re-setting the tails each time.


The Continental M7 offers an unbelievable 91 needle positions. This allows for more detail in decorative stitches, and incredible fine adjustments in all stitch creation. And with 9mm stitch width, this sort of bold detail can be easily appreciated.


The Continental M7 features ultra-bright LED light – right where you need it most, so you can see your stitches with clarity, and needle threading is a breeze. Independent Bobbin Winding MotorWith an independent bobbin motor, there is no need to stop your sewing. Set up your bobbin, push the Bobbin Winding button and keep sewing your seams while the machine simultaneously winds your bobbin.


For everyone who has sewn a long seam, only to find that your bobbin thread ran out after the first few inches, our advanced Optical Bobbin Monitoring System is for you. Janome technology allows the M7 to constantly watch your bobbin thread supply while sewing so that you will receive a warning as soon as the bobbin thread gets low, not when it’s too late at the end of your seam.


With an independent bobbin motor, there is no need to stop your sewing. Set up your bobbin, push the Bobbin Winding button and keep sewing your seams while the machine simultaneously winds your bobbin.


The Continental M7 stitches at an incredible 1,300 stitches per minute. That’s the fastest drop-in bobbin machine available on the market today. Janome engineering has allowed this fantastic speed without compromising stitch quality or precision. In addition, because of this newly redesigned motor, the M7 provides you with powerful penetration and needle force, allowing you to easily tackle heavyweight home dec fabrics like canvas in order to make your decorating dreams come to fruition.


Threading couldn’t be easier! Set your thread, push the lever, release and sew! This time-saving feature allows you to get sewing faster. Its advanced design feeds the thread through the eye of the needle with precise accuracy every time.


Finishing your projects from start to finish is a feeling that can’t be matched – especially when your project is a quilt! The Continental M7 makes free motion quilting easier than ever. Customise the foot height for your project and preference – set it high for a lofty quilt with lots of batting, or low if you like a little drag on your stitches. You can even memorise your setting to use later. Ruler QuiltingExpand your quilting options and take advantage of the wide array of precision templates on the market for ruler-guided quilting. Engage the Ruler Work mode in Sewing Applications and use the Ruler Work foot (QR) to safely follow along the guiding edge of precision cut templates. Achieve beautiful and consistent quilting results previously only available to longarm quilters.


The knee lift has been designed to make it ergonomic and adjustable to accommodate sewists of any height. You can now sit directly in front of the needle with the knee lift perfectly positioned for free-motion quilting, variable zig-zag, or general sewing.


You’ll find 400 built-in stitches, including 12 different styles of buttonholes (and with Stitch Composer your stitch count is infinite). Eight fonts provide variety for decorative stitch monogramming. The machine includes 25 standard feet and accessories.


Expand your quilting options and take advantage of the wide array of precision templates on the market for ruler-guided quilting. Engage the Ruler Work mode in Sewing Applications and use the Ruler Work foot (QR) to safely follow along the guiding edge of precision cut templates. Achieve beautiful and consistent quilting results previously only available to longarm quilters.



Thread is cut at the push of a button. Button is located right at your fingertips - No reaching for scissors. Leaves very short thread tails, saving thread.



Reverse button allows you to easily back stitch for locking seams. This conveniently located button can also be used to stop a stitch pattern before completion.



stitch to lock a seam. Ideal for securing seams on delicate fabrics, or when using decorative stitches.



The needle stops in the down position for easy pivoting on corners and for seamless free-motion embroidery. Press to raise the needle to the up position for easy fabric removal.



Set the speed for comfortable sewing. This slider allows you to set the top speed of the machine. Set to slower speeds for intricate work, high speeds for long straight seams. A popular feature for beginners – never sew faster than your comfort zone. Setting to the slow speed is also popular for appliqué work. Can be set as high as 1300spm or as low as 60spm.

• Computerised Sewing Machine

• Flat Bed - Aluminium Body (Powder Coating)

• Machine Size: W660 x H380 x D280mm Approx.

• Horizontal Full Rotary Hook

• Flat Bed - Aluminium Body (Powder Coating)

• Top Loading – Category D (9mm High Shank)

• Machine Size: W660 x H380 x D280mm Approx.

• Approximate Weight: 17.3kg

• Workspace: 343mm x 140mm (13.5” x 5.51”)

• Independent Bobbin Winder Motor

• Height Under Face Plate 80mm (3.15”)

• Optical Bobbin Monitoring System

• Superior Feed System (SFS-i) / 7 Piece Feed Dog

• Maximum Sewing Speed: 1300 s.p.m.

• Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm

• Maximum Stitch Width: 9mm

• Automatic Presser foot Lift

• AcuFeed Flex Plus (Dual Feed)

• Stop / Start Button

• Superior Needle Threader

• Needle Up / Down

• Twin Needle Facility

• Extra Needle Penetration Power

• Number of Stitches: 400 including 12 Buttonholes

• Snap-on Feet

• Lettering-Upper & Lower Case 4 Fonts + 9mm Block

• Professional Grade Foot & Needle Plate

• LED Lights - Brighter LED’s x 9 in 4 Locations

• Automatic One-touch Needle Plate Conversion

• Stitch Display Key

• Automatic Thread Cutter (Scissors Button)

• Full Colour H52.4 x W91.4mm (7”) HD Screen

• Easy Set Bobbin

• Editing Facility

• Favourite Stitch

• Stitch Memory Capability – 3.0mb

• Knee Lifter

• Turn Over Memory

• Auto Lock Key

• Vertical Spool Pin with Thread Guide Bar

• Tapering Function

• Elongation

• Favourite Stitch

• Speed Control Slider

• Quilt Block Advisor (Built in)

• USB Port

• Direct Stitch Chart

• Quick Stitch Select

• Hand Stitch Style

• Dust Cover Semi Hard

• Built-in Clock Function

• Instructional App using QR code

• Large Extension Table with Storage Drawer

• Approximate Size 675mm x 400mm (26.5” x 15.”)

859814012  ¼” Seam Foot (O) 

624806006  Nets x 2 

202313104  ¼” Seam Foot (O) (without a guide) 

859810007  Overcast Foot (M) 

866801007  Accessory Box (Plastic) 

867804003  PC Application Pack (CD) 

859819017  AcuFeed/Dual Feed Std Foot Twin (AD)

830377008  Power Lead 

865522008  AcuFeed Flex HP2 

865803006  Professional Grade Foot (HP) 

862822013  Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R) 

802422001  Quilting Guide Bar 

767849100  Base Plate (For Foot Control) 

859806011  Satin Stitch Foot (F) 

859807001  Blind Hem Stitch Foot (G) 

862896007  Ruler Work Foot (QR) 

859811008  Button Sewing Foot (T) 

859813000  Satin Stitch Foot Open (F2) 

832820007  Button Shank Plate 

820832005  Screwdriver (Winged) 

859839002  Darning/Embroidery Foot (PD-H) 

647808009  Seam Ripper 

859839013  Darning/Embroidery Foot (PD-H) Open Toe 

822020503  Spool Caps x 2 (Large) 

867801000  Semi-Hard Dust Cover 

822019509  Spool Caps x 2 (Small) 

043770104  Foot Control - Large 

862408008  Spool Holder x 2 (Special) 

859836009  Free Motion Quilting Foot (QC) Closed Toe 

770850001  Spool Rest x 2 

859837000  Free Motion Quilting Foot (QO) Open Toe 

859832016  Stabilising Plate (for Buttonhole Foot R) 

859812009  Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot (QV) 

859802006  Standard Foot (A)

859804008  Hemmer Foot (D)

867811003  Thread Cutter Switch (for Foot Control) 

867805004  Instructional DVD 

860194002  Touch Panel Stylus 

846817011  Knee Lifter (Straight Adjustable) 

862895006  Variable Zigzag Open Toe Foot (QZ) 

867806005  Large Extension Table with Drawer 

859805009  Zipper Foot (E)

802424004  Lint Brush

859815002  Zipper Foot Concealed (Z)

867803002  Needle Plate - Professional Grade (HP)

867642001  Needle Plate - Standard 

867802001  Needle Plate - Straight Stitch



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