Vinny The Vampire Pug (Simplicity Pattern 1271) - Doggy Halloween Costume

Vinny The Vampire Pug - Fleecey creature of the night!

Vinny The Vampipre Pug

Autumn is in full swing now with the leaves falling and a chill creeping into the air.
We decided to craft a little Halloween costume for our furry friend, Vinny the Pug to keep him toasty and festive.

Here's our guide to working with fleece if you haven't given it a go before


Our sewing materials:

Skull Fleece Fabric

Simplicity Sewing Pattern S1271 

Long Pins


Black Lining


Walking Foot

Black Thread

    This pattern was just four pieces so we were able to whip it up in an afternoon. One of the trickiest parts was measuring Vinny! We had to hold a treat above his head to get him to stay still.

    Vinny is pretty big for a pug. He's the largest size on the pattern (medium).

    After cutting out fabric, lining and interfacing we began by sewing up the coat straps and attaching velcro for a fastening. Next we pinned the straps with 'long pins' and stitched to the either side of the main coat piece.

    To make our pooch's Dracula collar we got out the iron and pressed on the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of one collar piece. Next, we stitched together both of the collar pieces (right side to right side) leaving neck edge open and turning through, making sure to clip into the seam allowing it to lie flat. After attaching the collar to the main coat piece we then lined our fleece for a silky inside. In the pattern picture, the collar is shown folded down, but it looks much more dashing and vamp if you stand it up.

    When making the neck strap be careful to leave your doggy friend enough space to breathe. We recommend cutting out a slightly longer piece '4' as the one in the pattern is quite small. We had to add a bit of extra velcro to accommodate Vinny's rather large neck!

    Watch Vinny prowl around in his new kit:

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