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WeaverDee.com Sewing & CraftBacked by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff - WeaverDee is a sewing & dressmaking supplies shop that launched in May, 2015.

Based in Middlewich, UK - The company is named after a combination of two rivers in their county of Cheshire (the River Weaver, and the River Dee).

No question is too much for us. The company was founded by husband & wife team, Noel & Ann.
Ann, the daughter of a Master Tailor has been involved with sewing for most her working life.
Noel has worked on both the sales and servicing sectors of the sewing machine business since the 1970s.

Family run, but not small by any means! We stock a huge range of products including;

Sewing patterns         Fabrics                         Sewing machines

Overlockers                Haberdashery             Machine needles

Zips                             Buttons                        Threads

Sewing equipment

The list goes on, and expands all the time!

Expect to see the most reputable brands and manufacturers in sewing, and also some exciting new names you may not have heard of.

Along with the extensive product range, We have also quickly built a reputation for two other important qualities - Great prices and great customer service. 

Browse our website today, and you'll find everything you need for your next sewing project!

You can also visit us in Middlewich - Find out more here

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