NEW: The Janome 6700P Sewing Machine

Announcing the arrival of Janome's 6700P!
Aimed at the seriously serious sewing or quilting enthusiast and small business user; the 6700P is solidly engineered and built to take a hammering.

Janome 6700P Sewing Machine …



Janome have stuck with everything that made the 6600P such a resounding success but adding some fabulous improvements including:

  • More sewing space under the arm.

  • Higher sewing speed (1200 stitches per minute)

  • Better Lighting.

  • Larger, improved foot control.

  • Wider stitch width (9mm).

  • Easier needle threading.

  • More durable paint finish to the all metal body.

  • Bigger, brighter screen for easier stitch selecting.

  • Improved AcuFeed, presser foot and needle plate for better handling of heavy or fine, slippery and stretch fabrics.

  • Rotary dials dials for easier stitch width and stitch length adjustment

Interestingly enough, We recently had a Janome 6600P in the workshop for a routine service.

This particular one has been very heavily used over the years - So much so that all of the paint had worn away from the workbed. The owner was delighted when we reported that mechanically there wasn't the slightest bit of wear and no parts needed replacing............. the machine will carry on working for many years to com




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