Sewing Patterns FAQ

For more in depth sewing pattern size help see: Sewing Pattern Size Guide

Are your sewing patterns in USA or UK sizes?

UK & USA Pattern sizes are both exactly the same
Not to be confused with high street fashion store sizes where of course they do differ.
For example: a size 10 “sewing pattern” differs from the size 10 found in a high street fashion store.

If you’re new to sewing or have never previously used patterns, it’s very important that you study the relevant sizing information before ordering a pattern. You must also refer to the info enclosed with the pattern prior to commencing your project.

How much fabric do I need?

You’ll find this info on the individual product page for each pattern.
With Butterick, McCall’s, KwikSew and Vogue, you may need to scroll down the page a little.
With New Look, Simplicity and Burda you click on the thumbnail for the image that has all the text and charts. You’ll find the fabric requirement below your “pattern size” but always bear in mind that your pattern size will not be the same as your high street fashion store size.

What are multi-sized patterns?

A multi sized pattern will contain a range of sizes all in the same packet. Some patterns such as Vogue, Butterick, Simplicity and McCalls will have two or sometimes three size range options, so it’s important when ordering to double check that you've clicked on the option that includes your “pattern size” before adding it to the online shopping cart. With Burda, KwikSew and New Look all of the sizes displayed on the web page are included in the one packet.

I’m a bit baffled with the sizing displayed on some of the children’s & babies patterns…
What does ½ and NB mean?

The sizing displayed on the web pages relates to the child’s age.
So for example with babies: NB means New Borne and ½ means 6 months of age.
When it says sizes: 3,4,5,6 it indicates that the pattern contains all the sizes for children aged 3,4,5 and 6 years of age. It can get confusing with junior or junior / teens where it say’s sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 which of course still relates to age and not adult sizes.

I was about to order a Burda pattern but noticed it says European and USA sizes. Aren’t they available in UK sizes?

Please refer to question 1.

I’ve ordered a pattern from you which has just arrived. On opening, I’ve discovered that it’s incomplete – What should I do?

Please tell as us without delay, and we’ll get a free replacement sent out as quickly as possible.

I’ve got a technical cutting out / sewing query with my pattern – can you help?

If you have bought the pattern from ourselves, Contact us and we'll see what we can do.

I'm a bit confused where it states: Misses' / Misses'-Petite. Does this mean the pattern is a petite size only?

If the pattern states: "Misses' / Misses'-Petite" it indicates that it caters for regular sizes as well as petite sizes. However, if a pattern only states: "petite" then it indicates that the pattern only caters for petite sizes.
Still not sure? Please refer to the  Sewing Pattern Size Guide

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