Cheshire Creations: Simplicity Pattern S8014 Shirt Dress

Hi, I’m Gill from Cheshire Creations. I have 2 kids both of whom are petite and I have often struggled to find clothes that fitted, stayed up and weren’t too babyish for their age. I soon got the bug for making clothes with beautiful fabrics that were better quality than what you can buy on the high street.

CHESHIRE CREATIONS grew from my love of sewing about 2 years ago and has led to this opportunity of writing a blog for WeaverDee about my creations made with purchases from their shop.


I don’t normally make items for myself, not sure why really. I decided to give it a go and picked Simplicity Pattern S8014 as I like the style of Dress D.

I wanted a lightweight summer dress so picked Salta Cherry Viscose.

Other notions I used are Metal Shirt Buttons and Gutermann Sew All Thread 909.

During the first step of attaching the yoke to the back I noticed that it doesn’t tell you to finish off the seams which on this type of fabric I think its essential either using an overlocker or zig zag stitch.

The next tricky bit is the pockets. I usually line them up on the front using the pattern markings and stitch in place. I then place the second pocket pieces on top of the first and lie the back on top, pin and stitch. You may have a different method but I have had best results doing it like this.

The dress came together quickly. I struggled to get the tuck on the sleeves for 2 days, I think I just had a mental block and what I was reading wasn’t sinking in. So, for anyone else that might be like me I thought I would explain. It tells you to press the lower edge of the sleeve to inside and baste. Fold lower edge to inside again, encasing raw edge. Now the bit that wasn’t sinking in. It says stitch ¼” from fold line, so I stitched along the top as if I was doing a big hem. Nope this is wrong, you stitch ¼” up from the bottom edge of the sleeve and then fold the inside part down.

The rest of the dress was easy to follow. I think I got lucky and managed to do the 10 button holes with no issues.  Believe me this doesn’t usually happen for me.

I just want to talk about sizing for a second, hopefully it might help someone out there. In this pattern I cut the size 14 with no modifications. Usually a size 14 is a 28" waist with a 36" bust and 38" hips. My hip measurement is smaller than this but I didn’t think the lose fit would affect the look. Once finished I feel like I could have done a smaller size. I did take 1.5” off the sleeve. Maybe in a different fabric that’s not so lightweight the fit would have been better. If you have the time and some cheap fabric lying around you could use that first to check sizing. I will give this dress another go a size smaller and I think I will also do the petite version. I’m happy with the result and people have commented that it looks vintage.

And here we go the finished items!

Happy Sewing!

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